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Superb Food Served in serene surroundings

The Bo Tree Restaurant, 31 University Road Belfast.

Located in the heart of student-land. Bo Tree serves Thai food in a relaxed and charming environment. It’s cream exterior and large glass doors are instantly welcoming, as are the piano and the sofas by the door as you enter. The downstairs dining area is light and airy with a small bar area and plenty of room around the tables.

A chunky pine-coloured staircase leads to an upstairs dining space, which is equally spacious and comfortable.

Various pieces of Thai-inspired artwork and sculptures are scattered around and there is a bright and colourful silk print of a Bo Tree (a very celebrated and holy tree In the Buddhist tradition) hanging on the wall as you go upstairs.

We went at lunch time and there was a steady stream of customers. With these kind of prices, the crowd is a good mix.

Diners are certainly spoilt for choice with a wide-ranging selection of beef, seafood, chicken, curry and vegetarian dishes. There is also a shorter menu selection at lunch time with around 11 dishes. These included Ladd Nay Jay – stir fried noodles with green vegetables topped with rich Thai sauce, which also came in seafood/pork/chicken option. Gai Kapaow – stir fried minced chicken with Thai basil and fresh chilli served with optional egg fried over rice.  Noun pad phet  - stir fried beef with Thai curry paste with coconut milk, mixed with Thai herbs and pepper corns, over rice. Kung Prik Pao – sweet chilli prawns with cashew nuts and thai herbs over rice and Kueytiew Nam – rice noodle soup with chicken and pork and fresh beansprouts.

What did we have?
I opted for Ladd Moo /Gai – stir fried noodles with green vegetables and chicken topped with rich thai sauce. My friend chose Gai Kapaow (see above).

The Verdict?
My meal was delicious with melt-in-the-mouth noodles lots of chicken and a very tasty sauce. My friends dish was marked with two stars to indicate that it was spicy – and I certainly was intrigued by the speed at which the coke was being knocked back. I felt compelled to sample it and it defiantly was quite hot – probably to hot for my taste buds but nonetheless it was voted a rescunding success. I wondered if the fried egg served any purpose other than been another quirky touch and was told that aside from looking great, it helped to cool things down.

Disability Access
Very good, the main door opens at street level and there is a wheel chair ramp.

The Bill?
Ladd Moo/Gai £7.65
Gai Kapaow    £7.45
Coke £1.90
Herbal Tea £2.50
Total £19.50

Last Word
Superb Thai food in a serene atmosphere. I very much look forward to returning

Elaine Smyth

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