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The Bo Tree (Ficus religiosa, Mulberry family), with its long tailed, heart shaped leaves has a celebrated history, rich in legend.  It was under the branches of the Bo Tree that Buddha sat meditating on the meaning of existence, and there, sheltered by its constantly trembling leaves, that he achieved nirvana, or divine enlightenment, thus inspiring him, in 528 BC, to found a new religion, Buddhism.

For its role in the Buddha’s enlightenment the Bo Tree is deeply venerated.  There are also mundane and immediately practical uses for the leaves, as nourishing green fodder for elephants and as an alternative food for silkworms.  The Bo Tree is a tree that brings peace.

This “Bo Tree” is the second venture for the owners who previously ran Chiang Mai Kitchen in Oxford for 13 years.  Chiang Mai Kitchen was, and still is, an extremely popular, authentic Thai restaurant, highly regarded as possibly the best Thai restaurant west of Bangkok, sold in 2005 to allow the owners to purchase and redevelop the old Bank of Ireland site, here, at 31 University Rd, Belfast. 

We hope that the Bo Tree will offer you all a small slice of happiness; fantastic food and a great night out!

Opening Times
Monday to Saturday 11.00 to 9PM
Closed Sundays, Bank Holidays & Christmas


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